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Multicultural Perspectives
■多種多様な世界の文化を幅広く学びながら、英語での情報収集力を高める。 ■リスニング、リーディングをバランスよく練習しながら、総合的な英語力向上を目指す。 ■学習者が英語で積極的にディスカッションしたくなる一冊。 ■追加リソースも無料ダウンロード可能。
■Increases student appreciation of different cultural perspectives found worldwide ■Stimulates students and teachers to see the world with fresh eyes ■Encourages students to communicate enthusiastically in English ■Includes readings, interviews, vocabulary activities, and fun discussion exercises ■Extra Resources also available for Free download.
The Story of Popular Music
■音楽文化論のロングセラーThe Story of American Popular Musicの改訂新版。 ■現代大衆音楽の大きな潮流の1つであるBritish Rock Music(ビートルズ,ローリング・ストーンズやパンクロックなど)も新たに加え,より広い視点から大衆音楽史の流れを追う。
■ The Story of American Popular Music has now been revised and expanded to include material on British music such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the punk rock movement. ■ The Story of Popular Music is a fascinating journey for all music lovers.
This Is Japan
■学習者にとって最も身近な事象・文化であるはずの「日本」を題材に、英語の発信力を身に付ける。 ■スピーキングだけでなく、リスニング、リーディングの要素を加味した総合的なアプローチで、トータルな英語力向上を目指す。 Teachers using this text in their classes will also have free access to a downloadable workbook full of extra activities.
■Students will learn to communicate with topic based content. ■Develops Student's English ability through comprehensive speaking, listening and writing activities. ■Students will learn how to talk about their own culture with natural language. ■Natural language is recycled throughout the text. This is Japan aims to get students talking about everyday life in Japan - the food, the customs, the manners - in English! Whether you are traveling abroad or meeting overseas visitors in Japan, you will need to explain the wonderful country that is your home. The 12 Units in This is Japan include: - Japanese Food - Mind Your Manners - Japanese Language - Visiting Temples and Shrines - Special Days and Events - School & College Life - Famous Japanese People - Japanese Movies Teachers using this text in their classes will also have free access to a
Homestay Adventures
■Speaking and listening exercises are based on homestay situations ■Students learn about family life and student life in the US. ■The DVD features two homestay families, three homestayers, and lots of real-life interaction between them ■Documentary-style filming helps students understand what they may experience if they were to go on a homestay ■Interviews with local students, teachers and staff, parents, homestay siblings, and homestayers themselves ■Easy-to-use approach and interesting content have been rated highly by students
Adventures Abroad
■そのまま使える自然な英語表現を,美しい映像とカラフルなイラスト・写真で楽しく学ぶ,DVD併用の本格的な旅行英会話教本。豊富な練習問題でリスニングとスピーキングのスキルを徹底的に訓練。 ■現地ロケによるオリジナル映像で英語圏4カ国(イギリス,アメリカ,オーストラリア,カナダ)の町の様子を紹介するとともに,現地の人々の生の声を伝えるインタビューを収録。 ■ゲーム形式のドリルで学習したポイントを復習。 ■テキストに付属するDVDには,映像と音声のすべてを収録。
■A common reason adults have for studying English is “I want to travel!” Your students know they should study English, but do they really have a strong motivation to learn English? Adventures Abroad will rescue them from their plight! Everyone can understand that the better one speaks English, the easier one can handle an overseas trip. Adventures Abroad thus features practical conversation situations in which students successfully communicate with each other as if they were traveling. which many of your students will do, during their college years or soon afterwards. The listening practice is likewise practical and leads to successful communication in the closely related conversation practice. ■The included DVD has interviews with locals, a video introduction to each city, and all the listening exercises featured in the student book. ■In each unit students will visit a di
America Live! With DVD
■アメリカ・ワシントン州でのロケで,現地の行事や休日の楽しみ方など,日本の学習者の興味を引くトピックを網羅。■アルバイトの面接,部屋探しやパーティーの計画など,日常のあらゆる場面をユーモアたっぷりの短いドラマとして収録。■各場面を2回ずつ視聴し設問を解くことで,大意を把握してから自然と詳細が理解できるよう学習者を導く。■確実に覚えておきたい言い回しを繰り返し練習する,スピーキング練習を多数含む。■収録トピック(抜粋)●パーティーで知り合う ●アメリカンスタイルのバーベキュー ●アメリカの家庭に招かれる ●ヤードセール ●カウンティフェアー ●シアトル散策*本テキストは,2006年刊行のAmerica Live!に自習用DVDを
■ America Live! with DVD offers Japanese young adult learners intriguing topics and insights into American culture, such as local events, holiday pleasures and more. ◆ Interesting cultural content, with the right touch of humor to keep your students focused and motivated ◆ Proper balance of viewing with speaking/listening activities ◆ Teacher's Manual with additional cultural and linguistic notes
Campus Encounters
■ Miki is an exchange student from Japan. As your students watch Campus Encounters they'll see Miki assimilate herself into campus life and make some real friends. ■ As your students use the textbook, they will learn the linguistic and cultural information that helps deepen their understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. Features: ● Smartly shot and edited film ● Natural, useful conversations ● Interviews with real students and related people at the end of each unit ● Coordinated and supportive exercises in the textbook ■ Campus Encounters is the ticket your students can use to understand American university life!
American History in Focus
■名優トム・ハンクス主演のオスカー受賞作『フォレスト・ガンプ一期一会』を題材に,1950年代から1990年代にいたるまでのアメリカ現代史の学習と実用的な英語表現の習得を図るDVD 併用教材。■映画のトピックに関連した会話演習やTOEICの問題形式のリーディング演習も盛り込んだ総合教材。 ※映画DVDは付属しておりません。
■ The second title in the Macmillan Cinema English series, American History in Focus, uses the beloved and award-winning movie Forrest Gump to illuminate the stormy age of post-WWII America. ■ Using the authentic DVD you can give your students an exciting lessons on real-life English expressions and modern American history. ● Lots of listening and comprehension quizzes using the dialogs from actual scenes from the movie. ● Expertly drawn illustrations make the textbook all the more appealing. ● Provocative reading passage and TOEIC-style questions for each unit. ※DVD not included.
American Society in Focus
■アメリカ社会の現実を浮き彫りにした最近の映画12本を使い,アメリカ文化や社会事情の理解と実用的な英語表現の習得を図るDVD併用教材。■映画のトピックに関連した会話演習やTOEICの問題形式のリーディング演習も盛り込んだ総合教材。 ※映画DVDは付属しておりません。
■ American Society in Focus selects 12 exciting American movies that shed light on American society in the modern era. ■ Students can enjoy the stories while learning the American culture and practical English expressions in realistic situations. ■ The practices focus not only on listening, but also on conversation and TOEIC-type reading tasks. ■ Videos/DVDs can be incorporated into the classroom lessons easily and effectively.■ A multi-skill course can be built around this textbook. ※DVD not included.
American Justice in Focus
■ベストセラー作家ジョン・グリシャム原作の人気映画『レインメーカー』を素材として使用したシネマシリーズ第4弾。 ■DVDで映画を見ながら登場人物のセリフやダイアローグから英会話の有用表現を学習。語彙・内容理解・リスニング演習などのエクササイズも豊富に収録。 ■アメリカ法社会の現状とその背景についての知識を深めるための情報ページ(日本語)も掲載。 ※映画DVDは付属しておりません。
■ American Justice in Focus is the fourth and newest entry in the Macmillan Cinema English Series. ■ Students will love the comedy and drama in The Rainmaker as they follow Matt Damon's legal adventures as he learns what it really means to be a lawyer. ■ As for language, students will learn a wide variety of useful grammatical structures and expressions that will provide a solid basis for future study. ■ In terms of culture, students will gain an appreciation of the American Justice system, including the jury system, and of American society as a whole. ※DVD not included.
English from NHK World TV
●「Asia Insight」は、アジアの“今”を映し出す ドキュメンタリー。成長センターとして世界の 注目を集めるアジアの新しい姿、グローバル化 の波にもまれる伝統的な姿などをその背景とと もに伝える。 ● 14 ユニットで7 カ国をカバー: カンボジア、東ティモール、シンガポール、ネ パール、タイ、ベトナム、フィリピン。 ● 日本人にとって身近な「今日のアジア」にテー マに絞った唯一のDVD 付き教材。 『“アジアの今”で学ぶ総合英語/English from NHK World TV』は、NHKワールドニュース「Asia Insight」を基にしたDVD付き英語総合教材です。「Asia Insight」は近年急速に発展するアジア諸国に、様々な視点から焦点を当てたドキュメンタリー番組です。伝統文
● "Asia Insight" is an in-depth portrait of Asia today, covering its dynamism as a center of growth as well as its traditions tossed around by the advancement of globalization. ● 7 countries in 14 units: Cambodia, East Timor, Singapore, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. ● The only title featuring the "Asia today", which Japanese people feel familiar to, among all DVD attached textbooks. English from the NHK WORLD TV is a comprehensive English textbook with an accompanying DVD that makes use of footage from NHK WORLD TV's Asia Insight. Asia Insight is a documentary series that depicts rapidly developing preset-day Asia in its latest incarnation, its current state and background as a focus of worldwide attention, and its traditional culture as it confronts globalization. The material us organized so that by reading and viewing the package, the student is a
Viva! San Francisco
■ Viva! San Francisco is an exciting 20-episode, survival English course created for Japanese students. ■ This beautifully-made video is very easy to use. ■ In the first 10 units we follow Keiko as she gets to know San Francisco. ■ In the second 10 units we join Keiko who is now studying at San Francisco University and staying with a homestay family.

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