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Healthtalk: Third Edition
● リスニング・スピーキング・リーディング・ライティングの 演習を通じて健康的な習慣について学ぶ、日本人学生を対象 に設計されたテキスト。 ● 学生に身近な話題(「ガン」「喫煙」「運動」「食品」「アルコール」 「ストレス」「肥満」「歯の健康」「エイズ」「うつ」)を扱う。 ● 本文の後には様々なエクササイズが用意され、4 技能をバラ ンスよく向上させることができる。 ● 巻末のグロサリーで知らなかった語彙やキーワードを確認す ることができる。 Healthtalkは、若い学生たちの健康に対する意識を高めながら、英語のコミュニケーション・スキルを向上させることに主眼を置いたコンテンツ・ベースのテキストです。第3版となる本書
● Designed especially for young Japanese adults. Teaches them healthy habits through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. ● A wide selection of topics familiar to students such as cancer, smoking, exercise, healthy food, alcohol, stress, obesity, dental care, AIDS and depression. ● Following each reading passage there are a variety of exercises to ensure students develop all four-skills. ● A supportive glossary is included in the back of the text of all unknown and key words. HEALTHTALK is a content-based textbook for Japanese young adults in the intermediate level. It is designed to teach good health habits through English conversation. Included is an extensive English-Japanese glossary of over 700 words that gives students immediate access to all health-related words in the book. HEALTHTALK covers these 12 important health themes: Longevity, Cancer P
■看護の現場で使用頻度の高い表現を採用。実践的な会話,リスニング,リーディング中心の練習問題で,現場で即使える基礎英語の修得を図る。 ■学生が特に興味を持った関連分野の読み物や背景知識を提供。■豊富なイラストや図解を使い,医療用語をわかりやすく紹介。
■ A basic-level textbook designed for students who need simple medical English in a variety of situations, Lifesaver focuses on support through listening and reading texts to form a basis for a larger understanding of key concepts and language.■ Lifesaver is an ideal entry level text for nursing and medical students.
Thinking Critically about Health Issues
■医学用語の習得はもちろんのこと、エクササイズを通じて「考える力」「判断する力」を英語力と並行して効果的に養成 ■リスニングエクササイズなども用意されており、4技能をバランスよく鍛えられる効果的な構成 ■学生の興味を強く引く、現代の医療現場での「ホット」な話題を採用
■Students not only learn medical terms, but are also being trained to think critically on different medical issues through various exercises ■Systematic development of each of the four skills through various exercises ■Keeps Students interested with hot medical topics
Travel English
■ An effective course focused on listening, speaking and reading, Travel English: For Tourism Industry Professionals allows students not only to improve their basic English skills but also to extend their knowledge in technical terms needed in the tourism business. ◆ plenty of activities that are highly useful for those who work at a travel agency, airport or hotel ◆ reading tasks that are perfectly suited for self-study help students improve their vocabulary and reading skills ◆ a glossary for technical phrases and terms in the back of the book
Working with English
■疑似体験を通して,ビジネスの現場ですぐに使える英語表現を,会話と文書の両面からの習得を目指す画期的教材。 ■各章で会話と文書の両方を取り上げ,4技能にわたる総合的かつ実践的なコミュニケーション能力の習得を期す。
■ This unique coursebook aims to build the communication skills needed for office administration. Working with English teaches students to communicate in typical situations as Greeting Customers, Expressing Gratitude, Small Talk, Asking for Explanations, and others.
Let's Get Down to Business
■国際的なオフィス環境における基礎的な英語コミュニケーション力の習得を目指す。 ■ビジネス相手との面前でのやり取りと、電話やメールなどの通信手段を使ったやり取りの両面から、実践的に学ぶ。 ■ホスピタリティ・M & A等、実際のビジネスに役立つミニコラムを収録。
■Improves English communication skills in an international business environment. ■Very supportive text which puts your students at ease. ■Short natural readings full of useful business terminology. ■Variety of Listening and supported role playing activities.
Viewpoints in Law
■ A unique course that uses reading, listening, note-taking, vocabulary and grammar exercises to demonstrate different viewpoints in 20 real-life legal cases.
Presenting Science: Second Edition
■ Presenting Science: Second Edition is an ideal course for scientists and engineers who need to give presentations in English.◆ 12 model presentations with PowerPoint-style graphics ◆ Useful tips for effective presentations along with extensive language development ◆ Audio CD contains sample presentations that can be used for listening and pronunciation practice
Introduction to MBA English
■経営学の基礎となる理論や考え方を読みやすい文体で解説した経営・経済の英語による入門書。 ■日本式経営の特徴や宣伝・マーケティング戦略,財務諸表の見方,企業間提携,企業倫理,組織行動・心理,コミュニケーション,グローバリゼーションなど幅広い分野をカバー。 ■各章に関連するトピックの新聞記事を掲載するほか,ケーススタディで議論の素材を提供。
■ Introduction to MBA English helps students learn about business and English at the same time. Both Western and Japanese perspectives are explored in terms of management strategies and styles.■ The business context is wide-ranging and features every function of business, including management, marketing, accounting and finance. ■ Each unit ends with a relevant newspaper article to allow case-study material to be examined and language study to be done as necessary.
Debating the Issues
■ Debating the Issues looks at 12 issues through a short reading text and short 'Pros & Cons' exercise, along with additional information, conversations and data on the subject. ■ Objective 'for' and 'against' points of view conclude the unit.
Discussion Matters
■ Discussion Matters introduces students to basic and practical discussion skills. It also encourages students to express their opinions in a logical way so that they can deepen mutual understanding. ● Deals with familiar, as well as controversial issues such as “healthy food,” “traveling abroad,“ “physician-assisted death,“ “terrorism,” and “marriage and divorce” ● Loaded with examples of effective speeches and frameworks
■身近な話題を題材に,初級レベルから自分の意見を英語で表現できる能力を養成。■「同意する」「反対意見を述べる」「提案する」などの能動的な発話行為を,限られた語彙ややさしい表現で効果的に行うスキルを学ぶ。 自習用サイトにアクセスして英語で自分の意見をいってみましょう。携帯では、 www.mlh.co.jp/macmillan/ithink/ でアクセスしてください。
■ Expressing opinions has just become easier with iThink, a speaking and listening book designed to help Japanese students form opinions on topics they are interested in and then communicate their views with confidence. ● www.mlh.co.jp/macmillan/ithink/ where students can express their opinions
My Opinion, Your Opinion: Second Edition
■ My Opinion, Your Opinion develops good reading, listening and speaking skills with an eye to encouraging students to actively participate in discussions on controversial or familiar topics, such as 'anti-smoking' and 'animal protection'. ■ This textbook serves as an introduction to debate/discussion in English.
Yeas and Nays
■英語を通じて問題をさまざまな角度から考え,自分の意見を形成し,他の人と意見を交換できる能力を養成。■好評既刊Debating the Issuesの姉妹編。■英語のレベルを平易にし,語彙の解説を充実させて,初級レベルの生徒でも学習できるよう配慮。■英文読解,会話文の聞き取り,Agree/Disagreeの意見表明,ディベートやディスカッションに有用な口語表現,など多様な演習構成。
■ An easier companion to Debating the Issues, Yeas and Nays is designed to introduce learners to 10 different, controversial subjects and provide instruction as to how to formulate and express opinions in English.
Practical Skills for Better Translation
■新聞・雑誌記事や電子メール,映画の字幕,絵本など,さまざまな素材の英文をわかりやすい日本語に訳すパート1と,その反対に日本語から自然な英語に訳すパート2の2部構成。 ■著者の翻訳者としての経験を反映したコラムを随所に配置。
■ Practical Skills for Better Translation covers both Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese translations. ■ The first part of the textbook focuses on Japanese to English translation.■ While newspaper and magazine articles are the main focus, email, movie subtitles and other types of translation are explored as well. ■ The second section examines Japanese to English translation with a similar variety of source materials.
Grammar Boost
■初級から中級レベルの学習者をターゲットに、あいまいな文法知識を整理して英語運用力の向上を目指す。 ■多くの学習者が苦手とする18の文法事項を厳選。復習ユニットを織り込みながら、知識と理解の定着を図る。
■Improves English ability by sorting out unclear English grammar points for beginner to intermediate students. ■Aims to establish understanding of grammar points by covering 18 carefully selected points which many students find difficult.

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